Nespri Tec Overspray System

We are introducing Nespri Tec -zero overspray system.

The system is based upon traditional airless spray technology and operates in much the same manner. However, when Caparol silicone based interior emulsion or exterior facade paints are circulated through the system, heated in the hose and ejected through the unique “twin tip” nozzle, the zero-overspray results are quite outstanding.

The development of this mist-free spray system has many obvious advantages for the operatives. To name just a few; the user can spray either interiors or exteriors without temporary protection, there are reduced levels of material waste and all the health and safety risks commonly associated with spray painting are eliminated. But the most real and measurable benefit of mist-free spraying is the opportunity for the contractor to increase productivity by 150% when compared to manual application.

Using Nespri-TEC gives the contractor an unassailable advantage over competitors quoting on manual techniques and offers great potential for additional profit. Caparol / Wagner having sold in excess of 1000 systems to date. Early indications are that the UK is receiving the products with equal enthusiasm.

Ideal for maintenance when down time needs to be minimal or in environments where overspray is not permitted.